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Album Review – PASSIONE – Andrea Bocelli


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Dear Music Appreciators,

I have to keep reminding myself that Amazon customer review star ratings are meant to express how much the customer reviewer LIKED something, not how good it may or may not be from an objective, critical point of view.  Regardless, it is often easy to get objective and subjective opinions about the arts confused – and is there really any such thing as a truly subjective opinion about art anyway?  Whatever…

That being said although the system considers a three star review from me a “negative” review, I consider it a mildly positive review.  Three stars is supposed to mean “it’s okay” and if it’s “okay” then it’s not bad…it’s just not as good as it could be, which might be both a subjectively and objectively accurate statement about this album.  This album is not as good as it could be.

Despite all the ways in which I could discuss this music, the fact is when I heard “Perfidia,” “Era già tutto previsto,” and especially “La Vie en Rose,” I felt something in my bones, and when I heard the rest of the songs on Passione I did not.  That’s not to say the other songs are bad, they just didn’t move me.

The problem for me is this all feels very posed and generic.  Most of the music, the album cover, and even the album title remind me of a CD one might find on one of those listening stations in a Target or in a mom and pop gift shop that sells ceramic figurines.  You know, those listening stations without headphones where you press a button to hear Spanish guitar music, rainforest sounds, or something by Jim Brickman.

Nothing wrong with Jennifer Lopez, but she’s not the greatest singer to be singing with a great singer.  Nothing wrong with Neil Diamond, but his song “September Morn” just doesn’t belong here.  Nothing wrong with Passione, but it’s not the greatest album – unless maybe you’re eating at The Olive Garden –  but otherwise it’s just ok.


Constant Listener