Album Review – 4 1/2 – Steven Wilson


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Dear Music Appreciators,

Here is an alphabetized list of random words and names that came to mind while I listened to 4 1/2 by Steven Wilson:

addictive, artful, art-pop, atmospheric, avant garde, epic, experimental, futuristic, George Harrison, groovy, grungy, hard rock, haunting, healing, heavy, industrial, jazzy, Jeff Lynne, Jon Auer, Led Zeppelin, Manheim Steamroller, masterful, Neal Casal, Nick Drake, noirish, outer space, prog rock, psychedelia, robots, rubbery, shimmery, soaring, soothing, sprawling, swirling, Yes…

These are things that came to mind based on my own music collection, experiences, and exposure – some of them may not be relatable or even make sense, I don’t know, but I do know that they popped into my head. This is my first Steven Wilson experience and I feel lucky coming in late on him. Looks like I’ve got some more albums to work back through, that is, if I ever feel like I want to stop listening to this one.


Constant Listener

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