Album Review – LET THEM TALK – Hugh Laurie

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Dear Music Appreciators,

Here are three reasons to buy this music:

1. You are the kind of music fan who has the patience to listen to a three minute instrumental before the vocals kick in (opening track “St. James Infirmary”). Perhaps you even enjoy the instrumental as much as the vocals, or maybe the delayed gratification on those vocals make them mean a little more when they do finally show up.

2. You have a thing for freaks, geeks, carnivals, New Orleans, nightclubs, jazz, blues, cool clarinets, sweltering saxophones, tinkling pianos heard over tinkling glasses and the kind of music that sounds best floating over a sea of little round tables with white tablecloths and smoke ring halos.

3. You enjoy traditional songs sung with bluesy, whiskey-soaked vocals from world-weary characters who’ve been around the block a time or two. And if the world weary-character that is singing also happens to play a world-weary doctor on a hit network television show that you`ve been known to enjoy, then so much the better.


Constant Listener

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