Album Review – DEDICATED – Steve Cropper

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Sample “I Do” on You Tube performed by Steve Cropper and Brian May from DEDICATED

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Dear Music Appreciators,

These are the kinds of songs that can add instant, classic atmosphere wherever they’re played – partytime, workytime, or sexytime. These are soulful, rockin’, rhythm and blues sounds coming at you straight out of the 1950’s through the fabulous 21st century filter of the great Steve Cropper, a crack studio band, and a litany of guest stars including the incomparable Lucinda Williams.

If you’re not familiar with the work of the highly influential group The 5 Royales or soul guitar god Steve Cropper, turn on the samples for a listen while you look these guys up on Wikipedia or AllMusic or something.

Lucinda Williams fans should take particular notice here for her lead vocals on the classic hit “Dedicated to the One I Love,” and the highly emotional “When I Get Like This.”

Buy this, and add a little more atmosphere to your life.


Constant Listener


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