Album Review – TAILGATES & TANLINES – Luke Bryan

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Dear Music Appreciators,

Although the album cover and album title suggest this is simply a collection of songs about partying with Mr. Country McDreamy in a v-neck t-shirt, that is just the half of it. The first half of the album is basically about having a good time or the effects of having a good time – whether it’s good dancing’, good lovin’, good drinkin’, or bad drinkin’ and losin’ it all. These are fairly fun and pleasant songs, but they border on being run-of-the-mill Nashville Top 40 style – let’s call it cotton candy country…

The last half of the album grasps for something deeper, darker, and truer – and suddenly Luke Bryan has substance. “Harvest Time” is reminiscent of a Ryan Adams or John Mellencamp style ode to one’s hometown. “Muckalee Creek Water” displays story-telling confidence worthy of Garth Brooks. “Tailgate Blues” has a familiar, folksy, hymn-like quality to it. You get the idea.

First half of album = cotton candy
Last half of album = meat and potatoes

FOR FANS OF: Any good looking Top 40 country act, Garth Brooks, Ryan Adams, John Mellencamp

TOP TRACKS: “Harvest Time,” “Muckalee Creek Water,” “Tailgate Blues”



Constant Listener

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