Album Review – UNDERWATER – Joshua Radin

Sample “Underwater” on You Tube from UNDERWATER by Joshua Radin

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Joshua Radin

Dear Music Appreciators,

Joshua Radin has the kind of singing voice that makes me want to take off all my clothes and slip into a candlelit bubble bath. And I don’t take baths.

So far Radin is Mr. Consistent, having now released an album every two years since his debut in 2006 – each of them sharing to some degree the same bubble bath quality:


And he has proven to be Mr. Reliable to directors and producers, having placed over 75 of his songs in television shows and movies.

The Joshua Radin story is seldom told without mention of Josh’s friend SCRUBS star Zach Braff helping him find his big break, or Ellen DeGeneres choosing Josh to play at her wedding.

But what about this album? Is it good?


Tracks 1-4 have a catchy, shuffling, singer-songwriter quality. “Five and Dime” introduces string based orchestral arrangements that blossom into full Nick Drake flavor on the next track “Here’s Where We Begin.” – making the song feel a little like a lost track from the BRYER LAYTER sessions.

“Underwater” had me thinking of that scene with Dustin Hoffman at the bottom of the pool in THE GRADUATE – and the song contains a pleasing surge in tempo near the 2:44 mark that that helps turn a good tune into a great tune with a great ending.

As is the case with Radin’s other records, things get a bit sleepy and less memorable during the last half of the album (except for “The Greenest Grass,” which is excellent), but it’s still all good stuff – good enough that even if you fall asleep while listening, you might keep coming back to listen again and again – and with a quality artist like Joshua Radin, sometimes even the sleepy and less obvious songs reveal themselves slowly over time and become just as valuable as the easy pleasers.


Constant Listener

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