Album Review – A THOUSAND MILES LEFT BEHIND – Gloriana

Sample “Gold Rush” on You Tube from A THOUSAND MILES LEFT BEHIND by Gloriana

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Dear Music Appreciators,

This is my first experience with Gloriana and I know very little about them beyond the information that is available on Amazon. Sometimes that can be a good thing though, coming to a new group with a clean slate, no expectations, uninfluenced by any hype…

Basically, this is Lady Antebellum. This is top forty twang pop. I’m guessing this group will find legions of female fans. The two male singers appear to be very attractive, with just the right mix of metrosexual country and bad-boy accents (check the tats on Blondie’s right arm). And the female singer sandwiched between them is the dude fan bait.

I had high hopes for this album when I heard the twangy, opening guitar lick and the harmonies on the words “old” and “soul,” but then things quickly got less interesting (lines like “…everything I need is in your eyes,” can seem awfully contrived in this kind of musical setting). Then a song about making love in a parking lot, then a song about making love in a bedroom, then a song about kissing on a porch, then a pretty good little song called “Carolina Rose” that sounds like something Kenny Rogers might have done in his better days. Songs about falling in love and breaking up, the obligatory small town memories song, a patriotic, support-the-troops song – it’s all here, and Gloriana may look good and sound good, and this album may even have many enjoyable moments, but for me there is just something missing.

This album is like grape soda – looks good, tastes good, many people might claim its their favorite, but I won’t be craving it without some caffeine.


Constant Listener




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