Album Review – YOUNG LOVE – Mat Kearney

Sample “Ships In The Night” on You Tube from YOUNG LOVE by Mat Kearney

Mat Kearney


Dear Music Appreciators,

Here are three reasons to buy this music:

1. I have found something worth hearing on every track. Be glad to know that this is one of those rare albums that is easy to listen to from beginning to end without touching a button – the kind of album you can put on your car stereo and listen to all week while you schlep back and forth to a job that is not your dream job.

2. You know how television shows these days love to use certain kinds of songs by certain kinds of bands in certain kinds of key moments to heighten the emotional impact of the story? Mat Kearney is a master of the TV show background song. If you find yourself generally liking the songs handpicked by the producers of the shows you’re watching and you find yourself saying to yourself “nice song, I wonder who sings that” then you will find something to like on Mat Kearney’s new album (and his previous albums for that matter).

3. Mat Kearney combines a catchy, atmospheric, pop-rock, Top 40 kind of sound with real singer-songwriter personality and depth, even if he borders on being a little too closely inspired by a few of his songwriting inspirations. Listen to the opening guitar lick on Kearney’s “Young Dumb And In Love” and then cue up “Crazy Love, vol. II” on Paul Simon’s GRACELAND. After listening to Kearney’s “Rochester,” switch to “Highway Patrolman” from Springsteen’s “NEBRASKA.” Hear any similarities?

FOR FANS OF: Cary Brothers, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Springsteen, Paul Simon, anyone from Hotel Café

TOP TRACKS: “Ships In The Night,” “Chasing The Light,” “Learning to Love Again,” Young Dumb And In Love,” “Rochester”



Constant Listener

P.S. This review originally appeared on here

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