Album Review – THE REFLECTION – Keb’ Mo’

Sample “The Whole Enchilada” on YouTube from THE REFLECTION by Keb’ Mo’

Keb’ Mo

Dear Music Appreciators,

(From a 08/02/11 review on


Taken from a recent interview of myself by myself regarding the new album THE REFLECTION by Keb’ Mo`:

Q: First of all, for everyone who is just tuning in – who is this Keb’ Mo’ guy anyway?

A: He is a Robert Johnson-inspired country blues musician who has been mixing contemporary flavors into his Grammy-quality/crossover-worthy albums for going on seventeen years now.

Q: If he’s a blues musician why do all the songs on this album seem to sound like something I’d hear on a smooth jazz radio station?

A: I’m not sure – it’s probably something to do with ol’ Keb’ adjusting his style to accommodate a larger audience…or maybe he’s just mellowing even more with age. I don’t know, this new stuff does seem a little sleepy and tame – it’s like he used to be more Conan and now he’s more Leno or something…

Q: I see Keb’ covers an Eagles song – what do you think of his version of “One of These Nights?”

A: Eh.

Q: Eh?

A: Yeah, I mean…it’s fine I guess – sounds pleasant and all, like something you’d hear in an elevator – but that’s the problem. It’s a style choice, but Keb’s style choice on this particular track is weak – by all means, take a song and make it your own, but don’t piss away all the drama of the original…

Q: Do you have any favorite tracks from the new album yet?

A: I’m partial to “Inside Outside” – a great message song. Also digging “Crush On You” with the beautiful India.Arie. Mmm hmmm – I do love me some India.Arie.

Q: What kind of reception do you think the new album will get?

A: True Keb’ fans will embrace this, casual fans and critics will be divided, and anyone discovering Keb’ Mo’ for the first time will find enough good stuff to get them searchin’ fo’ so’ mo’ Keb’ Mo’ and before they mo’ it they’ll have discovered albums like “Keb’ Mo,'” “Keep It Simple,” and “Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues.”

Q: “…searchin’ fo’ so’ mo’ Keb’ Mo’?”

A: What? He probably gets that a lot…right?


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