Album Review – STRANGE NEGOTIATIONS – David Bazan

Sample “People” from STRANGE NEGOTIATIONS by David Bazan

David Bazan


Dear Music Appreciators,


1. …you already own any albums by Pedro the Lion or David Bazan.

2. …you’re not a regular Christian, you’re a cool Christian.

3. ….you like the sound of Randy Newman’s voice, and you wouldn’t mind hearing something a little deeper and growlier coming from a balding, bearded, Christian lumberjack type from the Pacific Northwest.

4. …you’re cool with an album ratio of approximately 6-2-2, or in other words six great songs, two good songs, and two so-so songs.

5. …you’re from Seattle, Washington and you love yourself some indie rock music or you at least wish you were from Seattle, Washington because you love yourself some indie rock music.

6. …you can sing along to Steppenwolf’s “The Pusher” with no problemo whatsoever – in fact you’ve been known to drop the GD bomb once in awhile yourself.

7. …you currently attend or did attend at any time in the past a Christian college at which you spent any amount of time drinking beer, questioning your faith, failing to live up to expectations, or any combination of the three.

8. …you’re a smart, complicated, person with a dark side who probably reads a lot and has smart opinions and smart thoughts and questions a lot of stuff in life.

9. …you are a balding, God-fearing family man with a drinking problem and a tendency to see the glass as half-empty. Extra points if you are bearded.

10. …you know or love or have a thing for a man or men that fit the above description.


Constant Listener

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