Album Review – HARPER SIMON – Harper Simon

Sample “Wishes and Stars” from HARPER SIMON by Harper Simon

Dear Music Appreciators,

This is the first album by the first son of legendary singer-songwriter Paul Simon. The baby boy that Simon sang to sleep in “St Judy’s Comet” grew up to become an accomplished musician in his own right, and far from making his “famous daddy look so dumb” he has honored his father’s musical legacy by crafting his own debut album with the kind of poetry, wit, and magnetic melodicism that is found in Paul Simon’s best work. Harper Simon looks, sounds, and writes like Paul Simon just enough to make things interesting – the similarities add to and enhance his work rather than detract and distract. Family business indeed.

The album begins with a meditative prayer (“All to God”) and ends with another sort of meditation – this time on a beautiful woman (“Berkley Girl”), effectively book-ending the ten-song cycle with matters of the spirit and matters of the flesh. In between Simon explores a range of topics, including loneliness, alienation, and life on a Native American reservation. He plays and sings through it all with the quiet confidence of a man who knows that at thirty-seven years of age and with songwriting in his blood, he has more than earned this chance to stand alone in the spotlight – the question is whether music lovers will turn toward that light.


Constant Listener

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