Album Review – LP1 – Joss Stone

Sample “Drive All Night” from LP1 by Joss Stone

Dear Music Appreciators,

1. You’re already a fan and you’ve been hoping for an album that will be better than the last two albums.

2. You’ve recently discovered Joss Stone and don’t mind starting with her present work and working back to her more well known stuff.

3. You’ve got soul, a nose ring, and a bit of an attitude (or you’ve got soul and attitude and are still working up to that nose ring).

4. You recently went through a breakup or are in the middle of a breakup and need a soul sister to sing you through it. Extra points for a breakup with someone who is a liar.

5. You recently reconciled with someone or discovered a new love – preferably someone you might drive all night for or someone with whom you might want to have a picnic.

6. Phrases like “Karma’s your master and you’re the b _ tch,” or “I’m a girl that don’t give a sh _ t,” or “…getting all messed up by f _ _ _ing fireside” don’t bother you – you’re not offended at all, rather you’re all like “hell yeah, tell it like it is sister!”

7. You’re cool with an album ratio of approximately eight good songs to four so-so songs.

8. You don’t mind an album that is front loaded with all the best songs, then slows down in the last third, but…the slow last third of the album includes a melodic little duet about having a picnic.

9. You don’t feel too let down when the best song on the album is also the first song on the album.

10. Sexy, funky, soulful songs sung by rich-throated, growly, blonde British tarts get your mojo working.


Constant Listener

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