Album Review – THE VALLEY WIND – Tyler Ramsey

Sample “Stay Gone” from THE VALLEY WIND by Tyler Ramsey

Dear Music Appreciators,

This is the guy who currently contributes the lead guitar magic (and some fine songwriting) to a little group you should know and love called Band of Horses. He was an independent singer-songwriter before lending his reverb-laden, man o’ nature musical influence to fellow Carolina boys Ben Bridwell and company. Fortunately his solo career continues with THE VALLEY WIND, his third full-length effort.

Although Ramsey gets a little lost in the valley on album closers “When It’s Done” and “All Night,” this is a hauntingly well-crafted album that will strike a chord with fans of artists like Neil Young, Mark Kozelek, and Damien Jurado. The Band of Horses listeners will find plenty to like here as well and might discover a Ramsey family resemblance when comparing tracks like his “Evening Kitchen” from INFINITE ARMS with something like “The Nightbird.”

If these songs were hand-crafted jewelry they’d probably be for sale on an Indian blanket at the Grand Canyon. This kind of acoustic-based, reverb-soaked, singer-songwriter fare emits visions of deserted highways and lonely landscapes, but whether you’re an introspective wanderer of an inner or an outer world, you will likely find peace while listening to THE VALLEY WIND.


Constant Listener

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