Album Review – JOIN US – They Might Be Giants

Sample “Can’t Keep Johnny Down” from JOIN US by They Might Be Giants

Dear Music Appreciators,

Welcome to a fourth decade with pioneers of quirk rock They Might Be Giants.  Holy crap, has it been that long? Four years after their last proper album of music made with grown ups in mind The Two Johns are at it again, crafting unique rock songs about random stuff like Cephalophores, Cloisonné, duende (Google is great for stuff like this), time travel murder, a talking tiger, and a lady with laser beam eyes.

If “tener duende” is to have soul in music or to provoke some kind of response in the listener, then these guys still have plenty of that. The overall effect of the album is that of spending the night partying with a couple of mischievous, geek-smart, shape-shifting musicians who seem nice enough the next morning but you’re not really sure if you all just had too much too drink or if they took you in the night like Alice through the Looking-Glass.

Smart, original, fun as usual, this is a rockin’ TMBG album for both the casual and committed fan – buy it and buckle up for something of a musical adventure.


Constant Listener

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