Album review – EL TURISTA – Josh Rouse

Sample “I Will Live On Islands” from EL TURISTA by Josh Rouse

Dear Music Appreciators,

Josh Rouse is yet another in the long list of severely underappreciated singer-songwriters in American music today. Perhaps that is one reason why this, his eighth proper studio album, finds him exploring the Spanish side of life once again as he did in 2006’s SUBTITULO. Rouse moved to wife Paz Suay’s home country of Spain before the release of SUBTITULO, and while that album featured some obvious Spanish influences, EL TURISTA finds Rouse almost going full Spaniard, with nearly half of the album sung completely in Spanish as he expertly picks and strums the Spanish guitar against an assortment of Spanish inspired instrumental arrangements, rhythms, and beats. The overall effect is sunny, romantic, and fun and gives some sense of what it must feel like to straddle the proverbial Spanish/American fence as a young American emigrant in love with a beautiful Spanish artist in her native land.


Constant Listener

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