Album Review – NO WITCH – The Cave Singers

Sample “Haller Lake” from NO WITCH by The Cave Singers

Dear Music Appreciators,

The Cave Singers are an aptly named band. Catch one of their live shows and they’ll likely treat you to a primitive, tribal music experience that will have you (along with the rest of the crowd) dancing around the bonfire at the mouth of their cave while they attack their instruments like genius Neanderthals. Fortunately the band has captured some of this kind of live magic on tape for their third studio effort No Witch.

Guitarist Derek Fudesco casts a guitar-god spell on a number of tracks with his hypnotic open picking style. Singer Pete Quirk (who looks a lot like actor Michael Jeter in a trucker’s cap and saggy jeans onstage) channels Mick Jagger as he sings, wails, howls, and talks with his appealingly fuzzy voice through cryptic lyrics. Drummer Marty Lund is the point that holds this power triangle together, galloping on solid beats down the center of each song while his band mates levitate like kites on either side of him.

This is one of those albums where repeated listens reveal that every track is worth your attention, but if I could only take a few songs away from this visit to The Cave Singer’s cave they would probably be “Gifts and the Raft,” “Swim Club,” and “Haller Lake” – the latter of which features sing-speak lyrics, warm revolving guitar picking to drown in, and one of those Melodica things like Casey James played on American Idol last season.

I don’t smoke pot, but if you do then you might want to save some for this album.


Constant Listener

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